Say Hello to Irene

Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in concrete design house, design, interior design, misc, modern
Say Hello to Irene

Introducing Irene. She’s a beaut of an iPad workstation. Cast from concrete (yeah thats right, concrete) she is dependable, sophisticated and incredibly hip. ¬†Who wants to look at a stray piece of plastic sitting on their desk when their iPad is mobile? Irene looks good and functions whether or not she is cradling your iPad. She is conceptually elegant, visually compelling and functionally bomb-proof, literally. This is for you who enjoy the advantages and conveniences of our digital age but relishes the richness and texture of real life and honest materials. She is not for everyone and we know that. We are not here to cajole, convince or otherwise sell her. Like we mentioned before, this is merely an introduction. You know if you’re right for each other.

irene, the concrete Ipad stand

used as a workstation alone

concrete iPad station

an extra screen for work

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