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Craft, Design, and Rich Living

We are a small bespoke concrete design company that is passionate about making beautiful useful objects that serve and enrich lives. But our focus is more than just beautiful objects. We are doing our part in developing a culture that values the individual and the work of his or her hand. We are working to live rich lives and enable others to do the same, whether it is through creating artifacts that speak deeply to them or equipping them through our training. We have a heritage of making in this country; a heritage that is largely being devalued and romanticized. And as far as we’re concerned, this is not acceptable. We think the objects that one surrounds themselves with should enrich their lives, bring daily enjoyment, and be valued beyond its basic utility. Life is so much more than just what we own. What we own should be so much more than just stuff. Are we not nauseated by mass produced plastic perfection? The process and product of hand crafted objects connects us to our own humanity and to each other. We, at Set in Stone, are fighting the good fight against modern cynicism and a jaded consumer culture. Our craft tells a story. A story of locality, community and life. It is distinctive, versatile, and reliable; a reflection of our humanness.

Its your life; live it richly.



Justin started his journey into the dark arts of concrete by simply reading a book and working on a friend’s counter top; that is all it took. Since then, it has been a process of trial, error, frustration and triumph. To this day, concrete is never far from his mind. He is always thinking of new details, forms, or uses that bring his unique hopes and visions to life.



Nathan discovered concrete while he was building a house with his wife. Once he built counter tops for their own home, it was all over. The potential and versatility of concrete as a medium was too much to resist. He soon traded his hammer for a mixer and his concrete journey began. Set in Stone was borne of many hours of experimenting, learning, and dreaming. Soon Justin joined Nathan and the dream team was beginning to take shape.



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Buddy, “the father of decorative concrete”, is what you might call our mentor. We are grateful and humbled by the opportunity to be partnering with him and becoming a part of his training team. He is very much a part of all of our concrete heritage, a lineage we are proud of. From the beginning, his ideals of innovation and craftsmanship has shaped Set in Stone’s own identity and ideals. Buddy Rhodes definitely knows what it means to keep concrete honest, while exploring its possibilities. (for more info on Buddy see here.) Thanks, Buddy.


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