Design is Context.

Design is Context.

Design is Context. This should be the undeniable understanding from which everything begins. Whether it is a city, a house, a kitchen table, or even a napkin; for these things to be worth creating or buying, their contexts must be understood. All too often, great opportunities are ruined by an absence of context. There are far too many resources, efforts, and opportunities lost to a lack of respect for context. As designers we delve into the contexts and circumstances that matter most and give you something that not only functions, but delights. The world is becoming standardized… tools, techniques, tastes, etc; our lives are anything but. I believe that great design breaks the homogenization of our lives. What we are offering is the opportunity to be truer to yourself. Our lives are inseparable from the things we use. Why not use those things that are beautiful and rich to you rather than everyone else.
Who are they anyway?


the cool cleanness of handcrafted modern.

The truth about the beauty and value of an object or space is that they are derived from their context. In other words, the beauty and value of an object or space is completely

dependent on how you use and relate to it. As designers, everything we create should originate from you. What works for you may or may not work for other people, but that is a minor concern. You are our client and your distinct needs, dreams, and inspirations come first. We, at Set in Stone, have a unique point of view which inevitably comes through, but we use this point of view and process to understand your particular context and give you something delightfully appropriate. Appropriate is akin to perfection. And who doesn’t want perfection?

Are we selling perfection, bliss, serenity, enlightenment?

Yes. Yes we are. Well, almost.

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