Design is for Everyone

Posted by on Jul 19, 2013 in concrete design house, design, training
Design is for Everyone

As you have probably noticed, we talk a lot about design, the creative process, and their affects on our lives as individuals. I recently read this post by Nick Wynja on about this very thing. Nick is a fine writer and I would truly be hard pressed to write anything more spot on.
Check it out here.

“Design… isn’t about creating, it’s about understanding. The process can be simple and linear but more often, the process of design is rough and becomes more so when the problems are more personal or greater in nature. But here’s the important part of what I learned: you have what it takes to start designing now. Design is discovery, exploration, and distillation. It begins with analysis and you’re in as good a place as ever to begin exploring and learning more about problems.”- Nick Wynja

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