Redefining the Sink

Redefining the Sink

The flow and movement of water has captivated man since the beginning. Water is an essential part of our essence and survival; often one that is taken for granted with nary a thought. By rethinking the traditional sink we are bringing attentionĀ and appreciation back to one of the most basic elements.


The modern sink descended from a drainless basin that simply held poured water. As plumbing and running water advanced, ingenious methods of dispensing water were developed, but our sinks remain functionally little more than bowls with holes in the bottom. While this is a useful thing, it is not always necessary. When you are freed from the need to always have a basin or container of some sort, the possibilities are endless. What we are doing with our fabric formed sinks is pushing and exploring the many shapes and uses sinks can actually have. We began to think, ‘If the need for a basin doesn’t exist, why have a basin?’. If all we really need is a drain, then the rest is open to interpretation.We create sinks not only to hold water, but to become paths of movement; to effect and accentuate the beauty of water in motion.

We are using cutting edge materials and techniques to create sinks and basins that can elevate

the experience while performing routine tasks. Is this too much to ask of the objects we buy and spend our lives using? Design is so much more than mere function; we are creative imaginative beings and should aspire for more than just function. (Though let me say here that if it does not do it’s function well, it can not enrich anything.)With our sinks we want to frame moments of delight in everyday life, whether you are washing your hands, shaving or brushing your teeth. And this is exactly what we think our fabric formed sinks do.


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