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Set in Stone is a company built of the belief that creative ventures make us better people and can make a better world. We began as a decorative concrete company because concrete is an amazing medium and it enabled us to make stuff for a living. (This second point is very important to us.) Somewhere along the way we developed our own product line that was very distinct from our day to day custom work. This was a place that we could develop our own aesthetic; push our own creative growth. SIS Studios is the space where we share these creations.

At SIS Studios we are focused on the innate beauty and natural use of materials. We respect the concrete and steel for their strength, richness and rawness. We have an affinity for objects that are elegant and honest in not only their function but also in their construction. This is the result of that affinity. We hope you like it.


Here is a small sampling of our work. See more here, or come by our showroom.