the 300 Year Old Mantel

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the 300 Year Old Mantel

Could we recreate a 300 year old French stone mantel out of concrete?

the inspiration we were given.

This was the question posed to us by a hopeful client. She had visions of old world beauty and character with all of its aged worn, charm being created in her living room. Not having done anything like this before, we were eager to give it a go. We had little doubt we could do it, we just didn’t know what it would take to make it happen. So we set about researching. We researched images and materials and techniques. A plan of action began to form but it was all still quite theoretical.

Prototyping began. We would try something and it would fail. We would try something else and that would fail. Over and over again. Each time getting closer to what we needed and each time refining our understanding and skills. This is the creative process of growth. Eventually, after much hard work and sweat we found what we had been looking for.

Much to the delight of our client, in the midst of our shop we had a rather large French fireplace that could have easily been used during the Enlightenment. We then disassembled it and delivered it to her waiting living room. As it was installed it became a part of the architecture and its presence set the tone for the room. This piece was not so much about the design as it was about trying something new and delivering a unique project full of warmth, character and purpose.

our brand new fireplace and our 300 year old inspiration.


beautiful detail of our new “old” stone mantel

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