The Art of Fabric Formed Concrete

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The Art of Fabric Formed Concrete

The use of concrete, until recently, has been severely limited by restrictive forming techniques. Innovations in concrete chemistry and casting have opened doors to new and exciting possibilities. Fabric forming is one of these possibilities. Fabric forms are exactly what you may imagine. Its a technique utilizing fabric for mold’s main surface construction. This relatively new method is allowing for some truly stunning works. Fabric used in this capacity allows us to create much more complex and fluid forms than other approaches. We now have the ability to closely control very complex and varied shapes through a combination of elaborate armatures and strategic tensioning of fabric. This is a very nuanced and intuitive skill that is developed through practice and experience. An artisan’s dream. We are truly only at the beginning of a whole new landscape of opportunity. As we learn more and push into new possibilities our imaginations and ingenuity seem to be the only obstacles.

fabric formed sink

Cullasaja Sink- fabric formed and acid stained

As always we are looking for opportunities to share and collaborate. If this is something that piques your interest or if you already have some ideas of your own give us a call. It would be our pleasure to have a sit down and talk.


‘It may be noted that although reinforced concrete has been used for over a hundred years and with increasing interest during the last few decades, few of its properties and potentialities have been fully exploited thus far. Apart from the unconquerable inertia of our minds, which do not seem able to adopt freely new ideas, the main cause of this delay is a trivial technicality: the need to prepare wooden forms.’        –Pier Luigi Nervi


fabric formed concrete sink

Stikine Sink

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