the Teahupo’o bench

the Teahupo’o bench

Sometimes it seems that pieces make themselves. But we all know this not to be true. Blood, sweat and profanity is always spilt. It is during these bloody gory times that skill, passion and inspiration fall into place and “life” is created. This is what happened with the Teahupo’o bench. The truth is that the process was a much longer and drawn out ordeal than the romantic version would suggest, but that is the honest reality of life and creation isn’t it? Teahupo’o began as a discarded piece of another mold. It was garbage headed for the dumpster. Perhaps it was the afternoon glare or maybe a little unsettled lunch that caused the pause, but whatever it was, inspiration struck and a scheme was born. The funny thing is, that the idea is the easy part. It comes, you celebrate and then you have to decide if it is possible and or worth the cost. With Teahupo’o the cost was unknown, dare I say even unknowable. But when an idea takes you like this one did, you doubt if you even have a choice.

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I won’t bore you with the details of process, techniques and development. There is a timeand place for divulging such secrets and this is not it. But I will say, it was challenging, frustrating and maybe even a little scary. The more time and effort we invested the more the stakes were raised. But this was no time to lose nerve and bail. As we worked through all of this it seemed that our horizons grew. The closer we came to completion, the better we understood new techniques, and the more we realized that this piece was a game changer. All of a sudden new applications and projects were just pouring from the making of this bench. We had whole new worlds to explore. There are few things in a creative’s life more exciting and inspiring than potential. Potential is the life blood of hope and daring. And now we had it by the bucket loads. This is the true significance of this piece. Once we pulled it from its form, victory was declared and we started the process of dressing. This is when we get intimate. We meticulously clean, and polish. Our hands run over every corner, curve and crevice multiple times, making sure all things are considered and right. Working with concrete is more a cooperation or coordination between us and the material than fabrication. Concrete always does the concrete thing. It can be surprising and challenging. And that is why we love it.

The serendipity found in the creative process brings life a depth and a realness that is uncontrolled and unmistakable. It is this process of creation, adaptation, and enjoyment that make life rich and full. And this is why we do what we do. Enrichment. This work allows us to really live in the time and space we are given and to help others do the same. Sometimes it is making things that people love, but the best times are when we get to really work with people and expose them to this process of formation and exploration. We hope you like Teahupo’o, but more than that we hope you can relate to our story and value the opportunities that are always present and waiting to be explored.

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