Synopsis: This class will walk you through the complete process of working with concrete from templating to sealing with a strong emphasis on a variety of casting techniques. No other class will give you the breadth of casting experience this class does.

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WARNING! YOU WILL GET WET AND DIRTY IN THIS CLASS. The best way to really learn a craft is by doing; skill and competence is more than just collecting information; especially with concrete. Your hands will learn by feel and your ears by sound. Concrete is a dynamic material that requires cooperation rather than manipulation and mastery is an alchemy of intuition and technical know how. This class will cover everything you need to know from templating to sealing with special emphasis on a variety of casting techniques. The majority of this class is focused on giving you the time to actually cast and develop the hand skills needed for expert casting. Through this process you will move through casting fundamental shapes like countertop slabs onto more complex and challenging three-dimensional forms. As the complexity of the form grows the intricacies and difficulties of applying concrete can grow exponentially, but with proper foresight and planning these are easily overcome.

You will also learn about the versatility and convenience of modern concrete mix designs and their place in a professional shop. Today’s mixes are more advanced and capable than ever before, but there is no universal solution. You will learn how to tweak modern mixes with different fibers and fiber loadings, when and how to use water reducer to make the concrete behave properly, and other nuances that can make concrete so frustrating and intriguing. You will also learn how to build your own mix designs from scratch using locally sourced raw materials. This class is about developing your options for self-sufficiency.

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To finish up you will walk through the final steps of processing and finishing. This class will cover the complete process from start to finish and gives you the know-how to tackle your own project at home, but its primary focus is on casting. We also offer a class that focuses primarily on the skill of mold making. (More info here.)

The skills and experience that we offer can make a difference between surviving or thriving. By having competence in the many ways to cast concrete, you’ll gain the knowledge to create concrete that has an array of finishes. Who doesn’t want a more secure hold on their market? A wider range of offerings gives you the ability to take on a wider range of projects and hopefully more challenging and exciting projects; all the while, solidifying your place in the market. This class is not only an investment in your livelihood but also an investment in a full and rich life.

We feel it is our responsibility to warn you before you sign up, that concrete has changed the course of many unsuspecting lives. It is accessible enough that anyone can get into it and achieve a level of success, but intriguing and intricate enough that many years can be spent pursuing the possibilities. The unending possibilities is what really makes concrete so addictive.

Complete Casting+ Workshop: $1250

Next Class: March 16-18, 2017 (Sign up today. Space is limited)
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– Continental breakfast, lunch, beverages and snacks provided.
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– Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
– Optional breakfast served at 8:00 am.

Information Covered in a Nutshell
– best practices and materials for templating and building basic and advanced countertops and other 3D shapes.
– the meaning and mystery of what concrete is…specifically GFRC…how to apply it and why we use it.
– in-depth look at mix designs…
– numerous casting techniques which in turn give you these marketable finishes:
– pressed, cream, polished, ground, troweled, high-spray, veined, stained.
– processing and finishing concrete
– sealing

Workshop Cancellation Policy: Set in Stone retains the right to cancel a workshop up to two (2) weeks before the workshop start date if less 4 students have signed up by such time. If a workshop is canceled, student will be notified, via email or phone, no less than two (2) weeks before the workshop start date and will receive a full refund.