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Synopsis: No other class will give you the variety of mold building experience this class does. It will give you a broad and strong grasp on a variety of approaches to and materials for mold making, enabling you to tackle a wider range of projects with confidence.

You are reading this because you are a maker at heart. When you come to our class that is exactly what you will be doing; getting dirty and working with your hands (as opposed to watching someone else work with their’s).

Mold making is one of the three base skills for working with concrete; it could be considered a fine art in of itself. In some ways it is more of a way of thinking than a skill; it is an approach or process that is developed and honed through time and experience. And this is how we teach it. To build a mold is to create something to create something else. Molds are not exactly tools and they are not finished pieces, but they are absolutely critical. This course is designed to give you a broad and strong grasp on a variety of approaches to mold making. We all know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. The maker’s educated and intuitive decision makes them the craftsman; otherwise, they are just a monkey with a trowel. If you can’t build an original mold you can’t build an original piece.

This class covers an assortment of materials that you have at your disposal to build molds; including fabric, plaster, concrete, plastic, wood, rubber, and foam. You will learn the benefits, limitations, and best practices of each material. We will cover the scope of mold building starting with the basics like how to build a simple countertop with an undermount sink to utilizing inner and outer molds to tackle complicated three-dimensional objects. We will stretch fabric to create smooth sinks and we will carve foam to sculpt complex shapes. We will also cover the processes and differences between building a one off mold versus multicast molds for production. And as a special bonus to our students we will cover a proprietary technique we call Inversion. Until now it has been top secret and kept under wraps, but now we are excited to share.

Our goal is to send you home with knowledge to effectively approach your new craft of mold building on your own. You will not be limited to the types of molds from the class but any mold. You will leave with tools allowing you to tackle a broader range of projects and build a more profitable and long lasting business. It’s not all about the bottom-line though; it is also about developing and pursuing personal satisfaction and confidence.

Mold Making+ Workshop: $1400

Prerequisite: GFRC training or experience
Next Class: April 13-15, 2017
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General Info
– Continental breakfast, lunch, beverages and snacks provided.
– 12 slots available, make sure to reserve yours!
– Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
– Breakfast served at 8:00 am.

Information Covered in a Nutshell:
– best practices and materials for building basic and complex molds
– the explanation and use of mold making materials such as fabric, plaster, concrete, plastic, wood, rubber, and foam
– how to stretch fabric to create smooth sinks– how to carve foam to sculpt complex shapes
– how to create one-off molds, multicast molds, and reproduction molds
– inner and outer molds for three-dimensional objects
– special bonus: Secrets of our proprietary Inversion technique
– use GFRC from start to finish to create cool class projects that you’ll be proud to photograph

Workshop Cancellation Policy: Set in Stone retains the right to cancel a workshop up to two (2) weeks before the workshop start date if less 4 students have signed up by such time. If a workshop is canceled, student will be notified, via email or phone, no less than two (2) weeks before the workshop start date and will receive a full refund.