Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in concrete design house

So this is our inaugural blog post. Welcome.
We have the requisite “About page” that tells you all about us but that seems so one-sided. I feel that we need another introduction. Here we hope to break that “fourth wall” and actually converse. This is the 21st century and if we can’t use all of this technology for more than just promotion we had better just stop messing around and get back to the shop. Please, feel free to drop us a line about whatever may be on your mind, be it concrete, design, or even suggestions on how to spend your weekend in Chattanooga TN. We are more than our work and what we make. Here you will get a taste of that. God willing, we won’t scare you off, or bore you.┬áIf by chance, you just can’t get enough of us here, I know I can’t, you can check us out on tumblr.

Again, Welcome.

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